Thousands Protest in Yemen against Saudi-led Aggression

Local Editor

As the Saudi-led coalition continues its aggression in Yemen, thousands in Sanaa took to the streets in protest against indiscriminate shelling that has claimed civilian lives

Frustration, fury and raw anger prompted thousands of Yemenis to flood the streets of the Yemeni capital following another wave of Friday morning Saudi-led airstrikes. People were protesting against Saudi intervention in Yemen and the Saudi-led air campaign that has seen hundreds killed and thousands injured since the offensive began in late March.

Thousands of people, some pointing rifles in the air, gathered to say &lsquoenough’ to what they see as a wider geopolitical game that is costing them lives. Protesters chanted slogans against Saudi Arabia, as well as its allies including the United State and "Israel". Children, elderly and women also took to the stage to address the crowd.

The rally is the second in the past two weeks and was organized by the Supreme Revolutionary Council of Yemen.

Just hours before the Friday rally, Saudi warplanes targeted multiple targets around Saana, leaving several dozen civilians dead and injured in al-Sha’ab neighborhood and Sawan district.

آخر الأخبار