Fishermen in Hadramout accuse UAE ships of dumping dangerous toxic for destroying marine wealth

Local Editor

Dozens of Yemeni fishermen in Hadramout province have accused Emirati ships of dumping dangerous toxic and radioactive environmental waste aimed at of destroying Yemen’s marine wealth.

According to sources, sons of Fawa city of the province were surprised by the death of tons of fish on the coast of Hadramout, affirming the region have been witnessed repeated incidents of fish deaths.

The sources pointed out that the roaming of Emirati ships into the Yemeni waters is a real threat to the death of quantities of small fish and marine shells.

The fishermen demanded to put an end to and monitor the Emirati ships passing on the coast of Hadramout, the sources added.

The phenomenon of fish death has been repeated in the Saudi-UAE coalition-held coasts of Aden and Abyan provinces, south of Yemen, in a worrying and frightening manner.

Source: News Agencies

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