Al-Masirah Channel to Continue despite Saudi Pressure to Halt Broadcast on NileSat

Local Editor

Prodigious Saudi-American pressures were imposed on the company owner of NileSat satellite through which the Yemeni al-Masirah channel transmits leading to the cessation of its broadcasting.


Further to the point, as soon as the channel stopped broadcasting, al-Masirah’s administration issued a statement pointing out that: "the Saudi-American-led aggression has persisted on targeting the great Yemeni nation and its blessed revolution as it have been disturbed by the free voice which is revealing the aggressors’ deceptive claims.

The statement continued: "Thus, the Saudi-American powers pressured the company broadcasting al-Masirah channel to stop its NileSat frequency 11353 from transmission as to which the company complied."

Accordingly, the channel described the act as a "coward deed" that exposes the premeditated intentions of the Saudi-American aggression to blackout their war crimes and genocides against the Yemeni people.

This action, according to the Yemeni channel, also strengthens the suspicions in the issued declarations regarding the humanitarian truce. Had this truce been instigated, it would uncover upon the international, Arab and Islamic publics the crimes of those countries and their allies in the aggression against Yemen and its people as well as heritage.

Moreover, the channel pointed out that it was entitled to legally prosecute the pressuring parties and those responding to them calling on free and truthful media to support the Yemeni media in facing the unfair pressures upon it.

Al-Masirah channel confirmed the continuation of its righteous journalistic media mission and the transmission of news to its audience worldwide on the following frequencies:
11641 horizontal, symbol rate 27500, FEC 5/6 on NileSat; broadcast will commence within hours.

The broadcast is continuous on the Russian satellite Express AM44 on the following frequency: 11150 vertical, symbol rate 4300, error-correction coding: ¾

The channel concluded its statement confirming to its viewers and followers that it will make all possible efforts to continue its work...