COVID-19 deaths in Yemen reach 500 - Reuters tally

Local Editor

 The number of people who have died in Yemen after contracting the new coronavirus has reached 500, according to a Reuters tally, although aid organisations say the death toll is probably much higher.

About 80% of the population rely on humanitarian assistance in Yemen after years of war. The country is divided between the Saudi-backed resigned regime based in Aden in the south and the Yemeni government based in the capital Sanaa in the north

The Saudi-backed regime has declared 1,740 coronavirus cases, including 499 deaths, the Reuters tally shows.

The United Nations says the virus is circulating rapidly and undetected throughout the country and infections and deaths are probably much higher.

According to World Health Organization data, there have been 1,738 COVID-19 infections, with 500 deaths, but the count does not include figures from Houthi authorities.

Source: News Agencies