Yemen condemns Saudi-led coalition’s crime against women, children in Hajjah

Local Editor

The Yemen's Supreme Council for the Administration and Coordination of International Affairs and Cooperation condemned on Sunday the US-backed Saudi-led aggression coalition’s crime against a citizen’s home in Washeha area of Hajjah province.

The council condemned on a statement the continuation of targeting the civilians, the latest of which was targeting a citizen’s home which resulted in the death of nine women and children and others wounded, considering this crime as a new massacre will be added to series of Saudi-led coalition’s crimes.

The council also condemned the international silence towards these crimes.

The statement confirmed that this crime is a war crime and a major violation for the Humanitarian International laws and values.

The statement also held on Saudi-led aggression coalition’s countries fully responsibility for all crimes which committed against citizens, calling on the United Nations to do their duty by protecting the civilians and their homes and pressing the coalition’s countries to stop the aggression and the siege.

Source: News Agencies