Military commander of Tahamian brigades killed in West coast

Local Editor

A high-ranking military commander in the so-called Tihamaian brigades loyal to al-Islah party, the Yemeni Branch of the Muslim Brotherhood was killed on the western coast of Yemen, official said on Sunday.

According to the official, unknown gunmen fired at Nawar Khaled Ahmed Qasim, killing him instantly.

The head of General People’s Congress branch of Hodeidah, loyal to the coalition revealed on Sunday that Tariq Saleh was behind the assassinations of the leaders of the Tihamaian brigades in the west coast of Yemen.

Essam Shreim, who was exiled earlier from Cairo to Ethiopia under UAE pressure after criticizing its move, said that the assassination of the  arming officer of the third brigade of the so-called  ” Tihamaian Resistance” came days after he criticized the forces of the “guards of the republic” led by the nephew of the  former President Ali Abdullah Saleh,Tariq Afash  , when the officer asked Tariq to leave Tihama and hand it over  to its sons.

Nawar’s assassination was not the first, but it was one in a series of assassinations that have targeted prominent leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated al-Tahamaian factions that have previously rejected UAE orders to engage under the leadership of Tariq Saleh or the so-called “joint forces.”

Earlier, al-Tahmia’s commander, Abdul Rahman Hajari, complained to Saudi Arabia about the marginalization and repeated targeting of his forces by Tariq Saleh.

The Giants and the “Guardians of the Republic” faction are fighting a survival struggle that has reached the point of clashes between the two sides, in connection with the detention of the son of the commander of the Tihama 2nd Brigade, Abdul Rahman al-Kawkabani  over the killing of one of Tariq Saleh’s companions in disputes over land collections and looting.

Source: News Agencies