Division Inside Saudi/UAE-led Coalition Bombing Yemen

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Divisions within the Saudi/UAE-led coalition have been exposed after UAE-backed militants seized control of the strategic port city of Aden.

The Saudi fighter jets on Sunday carried out air raids on a position of the UAE-backed militants in Aden, describing the site as a “threat”.

“This is only the first operation and will be followed by others... the Southern Transitional Council (STC) still has a chance to withdraw,” Saudi state TV quoted a coalition statement as saying, in reference to the UAE-backed militants.

“This weakens the coalition by exposing undeniable cracks beneath the surface,” said Elisabeth Kendall, a Yemen scholar at Oxford University’s Pembroke College, adding “It is becoming increasingly obvious that the UAE and Saudi Arabia do not share the same end goals in Yemen.”

The infighting erupted between groups of militia receiving support from either Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in the southern city on Wednesday, when a group of separatist militia in southern Yemen were attending a funeral for dozens of fellows, including a senior militant commander who had been killed in a missile attack by the Houthi fighters.

The separatists, who are backed by the UAE and are known as the Southern Transitional Council (STC), accused a political party allied to Saudi-backed forces of complicity in the missile attack and clashes broke out between the sides.

Source: Presstv, Edited by Website Team


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