IBC Continues Food Distribution In Yemen To Reduce Malnutrition Needs

Local Editor

The International Blue Crescent Foundation, which started its aid activities in Yemen since last November, maintains regular food aids under the 2019 Aid Program. Food distributions that contains flour, rice, sugar and liquid oil started for 400 displaced families due to war in Hadramout province. Regular food distribution program for 800 migrant families in Zinjabar District of Abyan Province is going to start in March.

After four years of civil war in Yemen, the threat of hunger in the country is affecting up to 22 million people. The International Blue Crescent Foundation will continue its relief efforts that started in November last year, with the Yemeni office in 2019 under the Yemen Humanitarian Relief Program.

Food aid for the 400 families who fled from Hodeida and Taiz regions due to the war to Mukalla -the capital of Hadramout province - and its environs, is continued by the volunteers of the Yemeni office headed by Levent Recep Öztürk who is the coordinator of the International Blue Crescent Foundation. Within this framework, food packages are delivered in 5 different regions under the coordination of Hadramout provincial health coordinator and social solidarity directorate for immigrants trying to live in temporary shelters or slums in suburbs.

The International Blue Crescent Foundation will continue to provide assistance in the context of health, education, hygiene, sanitation and clean water transportation projects in Yemen.

Source: News Agencies, Edited by Website Team