War on Yemen Reveals Ineffective Patriot Shield

By Farzad Farhadi

The strategic location of Yemen is due to its overlooking to the Arabian Sea and Gulf of Aden in the south, Red sea on the west and its coastline which stretches for about 2,000 kilometers. It is situated at the entrance to the Bab-el-Mandeb Strait, after Strait of Hormuz which is one of the most active and strategic shipping lanes in the world. The most world's energy goes through the coast of Yemen to Europe.

This great importance of Yemen has made its neighbors, as well as European dissidents, greedy. Americans have always claimed that they do not have a role in the Yemeni war, but from the outset, Yemenis have emphasized the direct role of the United States and its Western allies.

The United States is pursuing various goals from the Yemeni war, of which the most important:

- Selling more weapons to the Saudis
- Empty pockets of Arabs, especially Saudis and Emirate, through arms sales and aid to the American economy.
- Dominating the Yemeni coast in order to keep safety the highway of energy and transporting it to Europe
- Prevent Israel from threatening
- Yemen's oil and gas resources

In fact, the strategic importance of Yemen has led the Zionist regime, with the help of the U.S. and the West, to seek domination of Yemen to overcome this important economic and military turmoil. In fact, they got the dominance of Aden and its port and its airport, as well as Hadramawt and its port and its airport and the islands of the Socotra. Israelis, along with Emiratis and Saudis, have been involved in the Yemeni war since its beginning.

To illustrate the ineffectiveness of the Saudi-American coalition, it is enough to mention two examples; firstly, the unrelenting Yemeni missile attacks in Saudi Arabia and the positions of the Saudi army, which, contrary to what they claim, brought blows to the Saudis. It is said that the missiles are being intercepted, except for psychological warfare and media play. The facts that the Saudis conceal is evidence of the massive casualties and losses of the Saudis, which also seems to be many issues.

The secret of King Salman’s acceleration to Moscow for the purchase of the S-400

If the Saudis claim that they have thwarted the Yemeni missiles, then why does King Salman run on the doors of Moscow to buy the S-400 air defense systems and sign an initial agreement with the Russians to buy S-400?
Is this the only American Patriot system inefficiency? If the Patriot system, for which the Americans paid a lot of money for Saudi Arabia, were able to pay for it, why the Saudi authorities were looking to buy the S 400.

As the Yemeni people have said, the Patriot system is completely ineffective. The deadly attacks of Yemenis missiles hit Saudi Arabia. They censor and cover the facts after any missile strike against the demoralization of the missile being intercepted.

Indeed, American commandos that were active in Yemen, south of Saudi Arabia and the border areas, were called by the Saudis after a deadly blow. But neither these commandos nor the widespread support of the United States could cure the suffering of the countless Saudis. The United States is seeking for the continuation of the Yemeni war because it can sell its weapons to warlords and handle its economy.

The second example is the failure of the Saudi-American coalition to fulfill their goals. Not only has Yemen's widespread spending on the Saudis not only failed to meet its goals, it is exacerbating Saudi Arabia's economy despite the efforts of its media to boost its prosperity.

The Saudis, using the conditions of Eid al-Fitr, tried to dominate al-Hudaydah and the western coast of Yemen, but so far they have not only lost their way, but suffered heavy casualties.

How much Saudi Arabia has been silent about the consequences that this war will place on their pockets, especially since Saudi Arabia has, according to some statistics, spent a significant amount on this war?

If, according to the Saudi-Emirati-Western media propaganda campaign, the goals of what was called the “storm of decisiveness” have been realized, then all the French, British, American, Israeli and other supporters, along with the Saudi coalition, for the domination of al-Hudaydah, are just for al-Hudaydah?

Another question is that if the Yemeni war, as the Saudi media are proposing to stabilize and so-called legitimacy in Yemen, why are children and women killed and hungry?

The Yemeni people are honorable people who are not accepting to being subjected to force. They will turn al-Hudaydah and other areas of Yemen into the cemetery of the invaders.

The casualties of the aggressors are very heavy, unlike what the Western-Hebrew-Arab media has been silent about. A large number of invaders have been killed and injured and their equipment has been destroyed.

The overwhelming fact of the Yemeni war, especially al-Hudaydah, is that the invaders have embarked on a war of extreme endeavors, but have not come to the rescue of the army and the popular committees in Yemen. As the  leader of the Yemeni Ansarullah revolutionary movement Sayyed Abdul Malik Al-Houthi warned a few days ago that al-Hudayda will turn into a graveyard for those who try to invade the country.
Source: Tehran Times