Saudi Arabia and the terrorism industry in Yemen

Local Editor

Although Saudi Arabia has denied its support for terrorism in Yemen’s occupied provinces, its disagreement with the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council(STC) has prompted the latter to reveal the significant support, which Saudi Arabia provides to the organization’s leaders to move between the occupied provinces.

Sources loyal to the STC leaked a “document” revealing that  the commander of Saudi -led aggression forces in Aden, Brigadier Mujahid al-Otaibi  has given a permit to all  military checkpoints in the provinces (Aden- Abyan- Shabwah-Marib) to pass prominent al-Qaeda leader in Yemen, Saad bin Atef al-Awlaki, accompanied by the commander of the so-called General Transport Brigade presidential guard of Hadi Amjad Khalid al-Qahtani.

Regardless of the aim that the STC seeks to achieve by revealing this document at the moment, the document revealed the truth of the Saudi regime and its role in flooding Yemen with elements of the organizations “al-Qaeda and Deash (ISIS) over the past years.

This document comes after the army forces and popular committees revealed pictures showing Saudi support for al-Qaeda and ISIS elements in the areas of Yakala and Qaifah in Rada’a district of Bayda governorate, after they were cleared

The photos shows the granting of a free pilgrimage from the King Salman Center to the elements of terrorist organizations for the year 1439 H 2018, in addition to other pictures of Saudi funds and modern cameras and communications found in the sites of elements of “al-Qaeda and ISIS”, as well as food items provided by the King Salman Relief Center.

Since the beginning of the war on Yemen, Saudi Arabia, with the participation of its ally UAE, has turned Yemeni territory into a fertile breeding ground for al-Qaeda and ISIS, whose camps are deployed in all Yemeni provinces and are fighting side by side on various fronts by acknowledging the members of the two organizations, who confirmed in June through a video of participation with coalition forces and fighting against army forces and popular committees.

Source: News Agencies