Rights Groups Warn France of Becoming Partner in War on Yemen

Local Editor

A group of 19 human rights organizations have warned France against becoming a partner in the war on Yemen through its continued sale of arms to Saudi Arabia and the UAE, the New Khaleej reported Wednesday.

The organizations sent a letter to the French parliament calling on MPs to practice their monitoring role in relation to selling arms to the countries carrying out the war in Yemen.

“France could become a partner in the war on Yemen if it continues to sell arms to Saudi Arabia and the UAE,” the rights groups wrote in their letter.

Human Rights Watch, the International Federation of Human Rights Leagues, Amnesty International and Peace in Yemen were among the organizations which signed the letter.

They said Saudi Arabia and the UAE are heading a military coalition which is responsible for “dangerous and systematic violations of international humanitarian law against civilians in Yemen.”

The war in Yemen has taken the lives of tens of thousands of civilians and the countries which sell weapons to the warring parties have to review their policies, they said.

Source: News Agencies, Edited by Website Team