Abdulsalam: Sana’a Crime Indication of Saudi’s Failure

Local Editor

The head of Yemen’s National Delegation Mohammad Abdulsalam lashed out at the Saudi-led coalition over the massacre it committed in Sana’a on Thursday that killed and wounded more than 70 civilians.

“This crime is an indication of the military and political failure of aggression powers,” Abdulsalam said.

“Targeting Yemenis during the holy month of Ramadan and after the Yemeni army and popular committees’ operation against one of Saudi Arabia’s facilities proves the aggression forces’ military, political, moral, and media failure,” Al-Masirah TV channel quoted the Yemeni official as saying.

Meanwhile, Abdulsalam condemned at the international community, saying that the standards it adopts towards the war on Yemen is barbaric and not humanitarian.

In this context he stressed: “We don’t wait for standards by a world controlled by policies of selling and buying.”

“The weapons killing Yemenis are US and French. How can we expect that these countries would stand by our people?”

Source: Al-Masirah, Edited by Website Team